September 12th, 2007


Everyone comes to Balladonia

I wasn't going to stop at Balladonia. I'd camped the night at Caiguna and wanted to get moving. BUt after only two hours of driving, I needed a break. Tired, emotional and in desperate need of a chocolate milkshake. So I come in order a chocky milkshake, sit down to read Sky Warden and the Sun, and glance up just in time for Rod Serling to make some cryptic comments about rest stops on the Twilight Zone.

There's Kelvin Welbourne. We exchange a big hug and sit talking for the next hour. He's travelling with his family over to Perth. I like Kelvin, he's a sweet, huge, gentle guy. I enjoyed yakking with him and really enjoyed (and needed) a hug from an old, old friend.

Proper updates when I don't have to pay $4 for 15 minutes on a very slow net connection.


PS Wipers still don't work. It should be a quick job to change the motor. Should be but under the dash it a large piece of metal exactly covering the bit I need to access to remove the bolts. I can spend a few hours dealing with all this and go nowhere for the rest of the day as I'll have knackered myself, or I can get someone else to do it. I'm choosing someone else.

So now it's raining *grin*
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