August 31st, 2007

Serious Thoughts

(phone-post) - Crash!

*The workman comes in and surveys the walls, then notices a little bit of paint flaking off. He gently removes it. There is a pause, a moment of silence, then the whole house comes crashing down around him. You can watch the domino effect as the damage grows, cascades... Eventually he's left standing there in the rubble, the original fleck of paint still grasped between his stubby fingers. He turns to the audience as the dust settles and says -

"You know, this might be a bigger job than I thought!"*

*cue laugh track*


This trip was originally a personal celebration, a chance to see some of my friends and for me to have a birthday in Eucla. Then it became both that, and the chance to self- repair after all that has happened in recent times. I fully expected to start the serious repair effort on the Nullarbor, except I've reached Melbourne and the last 16 months have come crashing down on me in one go as soon as I've arrived. I'm finally getting a good look at the damage, which is why I haven't slept or dozed at all yet and it's now 5:30am.Collapse )
Serious Thoughts


Another post, like the Love and Hate, I've been wanting to get up for ages. This is a list of gifts I've been given in the last couple of years. It's incomplete, but like the Love and Hate I've posted today, relevant to the broken down state I've found myself in. I'm choosing not to name people in case they'd rather remain anonymous. Most of the gifts aren't physical items.Collapse )