August 27th, 2007


Travel Poll

So, today for the second time this year, I told someone in all seriousness that they needed to get away from the job they hate and cross the Nullarbor with me.

"I'm going next week, come with me!"

In both cases I figured the person would actually benefit from it. Away from home for about a week, out of contact for good chunks of it, seeing the size and scope of what's out there... Being reminded that there are different, more rewarding, and often more interesting ways to live. You don't have to want to do them, but knowing they exist changes your perspective. To have the freedom to think about what's going on in your life without all the niggling reminders, distractions and doubts that try to convince you that you really can't leave that job and/or life you hate.

Everyone one should do a long slow trip to somewhere in Australia. It opens your mind in interesting new directions if you let it. Though not everybody should do it with me. Some wouldn't cope with me, some I would kill before we got halfway across.

So now, because it's much in my mind (Three days! Eeep!) I present the "Do the Nullabor with Danny" Collapse )