August 22nd, 2007


Photo request

I've been reminded that there are many people on my LJ who I don't know. Or rather, I may know but their LJ name and icon means nothing to me.

Now telling me you name isn't make help. Names only seem to stick with me post-stroke (strange but true), so a picture would be appreciated. Or if you can't provide one, a description of something that may provide a good memory jog will do.

All comments will be screened as I know some folks don't want identity known. I will only unscreen if you specifically say I can.

Even if I know you, feel free to send a pic - always like to see my friends.
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Yes I've joined Facebook. Basically it was suggested to me that the whole network side of things may be useful to me, I had a look and yeah it may come in handy.

Created a group for Continuum, and will check at some point to see if there's one for things like the MSFC and (perhaps) the DWCV. It may be handy for catching up with a few people like Arianne and Biggles who I've not seen in decades.

I sort of figure that one the days when I have the brain energy to write (got three Love & Hates I'm working on) I'll do LJ or story-writing, when I'm zombie boy (like today) I can play on Facebook because it requires nothing of me at all.
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