August 10th, 2007


Danny knackered...

Had to pike out of dinner with friends last night and MSFC tonight because, well, I've basically killed myself. This trip was about shazgirl catching up with people, and naturally I've tried to keep up with her. Silly silly Danny!

I learned last time that if I was visiting people in the evening, unless I was staying within about 20 minutes drive, it was best to stay the night. And as it turned out, I stayed at one friend's house for a couple of days partially because I'd burnt myself out anyway. This trip has been full of long drives and late nights.

So yeah, tired now. Have come out today to a friend's (hence having a net connection) because we were both lured by the promise of a massage each, by a woman I've loved for a quarter century and adore spending time with. Probably would have been tempted to pike, but wanted Shaz to get a massage.

Plus I get to spend a few hours lazily talking and relaxing with two women who mean the world to me. A good day. Seeing Kali next week, yay!

Will see some of you Sunday night or Monday. See my previous post for details.