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June 22nd, 2007

Fuck me! [Jun. 22nd, 2007|11:34 am]
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[mood |gratefulsecretly grateful]

So, I'm not too headachey today, and so was able to drive mum into Belco for her diabetes appointment thingy. I come home and find a note from the post office to say that two boxes of stock have arrived from the US. I keep transferring data off the new (and problematic) PC and onto my 8 year old but much more reliable machine. I check the shop email, have heard back from the two customers whose orders I buggered up - both have been gracious. I check my regular mail...

LJ Permanent Account Upgrade

Huh? Oh they must be announcing that they're doing that again. I open it up to see how much it'll cost.

(the following is an anonymous gift)

Your LiveJournal account "dalekboy" has been upgraded to a permanent

It's not a joke, or a mistake, someone has paid a lot of money for me to have a permanent account on here. Anonymously.

You Bastard!

Go on, read more, you smug prick!Collapse )
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