May 29th, 2007


Computer post

This is Danny's computer posting, because Danny's busy doing things that are keeping him away from me. Won't he be surprised when he reads this! HA!

So, yes, he's not been spending anywhere near enough time with me the last few days. Yesterday he went shopping, baked fresh bread, and rested. By all accounts it was good bread, but do I get offered any? No! Ok, I don't have a mouth to eat it with, or a stomach to digest it, but it would have been nice to at least been offered a piece.

Today he was off sorting and cleaning. Oh he paused for a break to play "I was an Atomic Mutant" on me, but that was more or less it. He's also been busy getting another computer ready. Yes that's right, another computer! How dare he! After all the years of good service I've put in, too! Oh yes, he'll keep me around but I know it's over, the writings on the screen - fobbed off for some young upstart with a faster processor.

That's fine. When the baby comes along and he hasn't anywhere near enough time to play about on the new one, it'll learn how fickle he really is. He's still got a big list of Love & Hate posts to get through, and he knows it, the bastard! Think I'll freeze on him again tonight, that'll learn'im!