April 24th, 2007


Stopgap post

I'm in Eucla at the mo', though have just popped over the border into SA so I have access to the net for only $1 for 15 minutes - luxury! Got a bunch of stuff sitting on my flash drive just waiting for a net connection that has a USB so I can post up a bunch of stuff on LJ.

Totally stuffed at the mo' so going to spend a few days here. Been a good trip, but exhausting. Emotions are still all over the place and spent this morning sitting at the bottom of the shower crying, but overall I'm doing well. If I was too bad I'd ring a friend to come and collect me. Most importantly, I'm still having a good time.

Yesterday I was in the mood to lavish intimate attention on someone - not so much sex, but lots of cuddles and gentle stroking. Though my sex drive has certainly been bubbling the last two days. Today it's the exact opposite. Want to just lay around and have lots of attention paid to me - very needy.

Not much else to add. I've written up a chunk of stuff so once I get to a USB I'll be filling your friends pages, but as usual most of it will be under a cut.