April 13th, 2007


All limp

So, I spent a full day yesterday at Simon Oxwell's mansion. Simon's a great mate and an excellent host. As I type this his eight foot tall Scandinavian masseuse, Deirdre, is massaging my buttocks.

Yesterday I did nothing. Well, I did my washing, but other than that, nothing. I was going to fight the kitchen staff for the honour of doing Simon's dishes, but simply didn't have the energy. Plus Mrs. Plankey in the kitchen is another big, strong woman. Mitch might have had the strength to beat her, but I couldn't have.

I was going to write emails and livejournal posts, but that didn't happen either. Instead I watched stuff. The pilot of Eureka, 2 eps of The IT Crowd, episode 15 of Heroes, and all of Hogfather. Staying fairly still and resting all day was really what I needed. And when Simon came home exhausted after a long day's polo, we watched the second ep of season 3 of Doctor Who - The Shakespeare Code. And I got to play on Simon's Wii, which was fun.

Today... Well, I've burnt off the trip photos to send to hespa and shazgirl so that I have some redundancy for the trip home. And I'm using Simon's interwebby to catch up on a few things. Once I'm done... I think I'll have a lay down. Or watch something. I think sleep is calling. Totally wiped. So time here has been good.

I've hung back on the off chance that Simon can get the time off to travel with me across the Nullarbor. Part of me wants to get moving, but yesterday I knew I wouldn't have left then anyway, and I'm tired enough I wouldn't have left today either, so waiting has worked out well. Plus Simon is worth hanging back for. Heading off to lie_xin and angriest's tonight for a catch-up and to crash so that Simon can wake up without finding me standing at the foot of his bed dressed as a plum. If he does end up driving back with me, he'll be with me for days, so I'm taking pity on him. If he doesn't I may impose myself upon him (or someone else) for another night or so, then head off.