April 11th, 2007

Group Intellect


Swancon was good. My health picked up dramatically in the last two days, so I actually got to a few things and had a good time. It was kind of funny actually - everyone else was slowing down and I was getting better.

The vibe for the con was good, too. Last year's con drew in many new people who came came back again this year, so a fine result there. The masquerade was fabulous. Lots of costumes, most of very high quality.

Lots of folks disappointed that there wasn't a Continuum this year, and really hoping for one next year. I was getting asked if they could give me membership money! So it's nice to know we're wanted.

Lots of cons announced at the closing - there are 5 radically different styles of con running in Perth over the next 12 months. There was an awkward moment when they got to the end of all the con announcements and I realised no-one was going to speak for the NatCon in Melbourne, so I stood up and did my best to give it a good push. Thank heavens strangedave had a flyer handy to read out from because I couldn't remember all the guests! People were very enthusiastic about the names, so hopefully between Dave and I, we got them a few more interested people. I am embarrassed to admit that I forgot about ConFlux though, until just after the closing. Bugger! Really, really sorry guys!

Next year's con is shaping up to be another good one (For DW fans, Paul Cornell is one of the guests) so it looks like Swancon is continuing its steady climb after a few rough years.
woohoo naked dancing

Danny and Sharon - The Spawning

Well, we intended to keep this quiet for at least another month, but it became to awkward to hide it at the con so now we're telling people. Sharon's pregnant. We're not sure the baby will be human, since I'm the father.

Still early days, and things may go wrong, hence the reluctance in announcing, but so far it's gone very well. Sharon had an ultrasound last week, they found the heartbeat, so that's a good sign.

I did a couple of friends locked posts on this previously, keyed to the couple of people we decided to tell. I've now opened them. If you want to read them, click on the tabs for "The Oven" but you're getting the main facts here, so don't feel you need to.

Conception happened at a hotel in Euroa after the Continuum get-together. It was literally our first try. The following day was when my hormones and emotions went nuts and stayed that way. Sharon has had no mood swings at all. Go figure.

Baby is due late November. I'm hoping it'll be born on the 23rd and that it will be a girl, but I think it's going to be a boy.