March 10th, 2007


Nice that something works!

So yesterday I get my PDA/phone working again, and I've got my computer dumping most of what I want/need to another hard drive before I take the comp and my laptop down to the computer fair (don't ask about the laptop).

What has been nice is that I have been surfing the net, looking at my friends page, and writing this post on my PDA/phone, thanks to it connecting to the wireless router.

When the last two weeks have featured malfunctions as a key component, it's nice to have something working better than it was before the problems.

Rampant Capitalism

Got lots of eBay goodies up for those that are interested, including Freddy Krueger, The Crow, Spike, Angel, Invader Zim figures, a couple of very nice Dragons, AVP, Corpse Bride, giant Beaker from the muppets, and of course some Doctor Who toys including 10th Doc/remote control K9 pack, 12 inch Doc and Cyberman, and the smaller figures.

If you are interested, or know people who would be, here's where to go!.

10 Doctors - Doctor Who comic

One of the chaps on livejournal shenlo has been doing a little comic called the 10 Doctors. Good stuff, and some of his art and characterisations are brilliant. Rose's reaction to Susan is wonderful, and totally in character :)

His comics (and other art) can be found here. Naturally, look for page one and go from there.