March 4th, 2007


Technology is your friend...

...unfortunately, it friggin' hates me!

You know how I said don't email, if it's important, ring? Well, don't ring my mobile, which for the last day has only found a signal once. Given I haven't been anywhere, and that I'm at home, this is rather annoying. No SMSes, no calls coming or going. Don't bother trying until I give you an update.

Oh, and this is my new phone, which I haven't gotten to writing about because of my computer issues. That's the computer that looks like it is going to have to be sent away for a week to get fixed. I'm 75% sure it's a hardware problem.

And my car is making a noise.

And our TV is slowly dying.

I'm off to live in a cave somewhere.


PS - I think the DVD player has been bad-mouthing me again...

Kylie Who?

Watched the Kylie concert tonight, broadcast on the ABC. In one show, between her 8 costume changes and all the varied costumes on her dancers, a single person would get enough cotume ideas for 30 decades of Mardi Gras.

My fav outfit for Kylie was the leopard spot catsuit, with the red boxing gloves. Plays on the whole Aunty Jack fetish *grin*

And I had quite forgotten about, but was delighted when I saw, the Cyberman-style costumes on her dancers. Her costume designer is a big Doctor Who fan, she said in an interview. And in case there was any doubt, there was what looked like a Gelth on a screen in the background, and we were treated to the Tardis sound effect twice.