March 1st, 2007

Serious Thoughts

Calling Dr. House

Got my appointment with the General Physician today. 11 months since to the day since I woke up with the migraine and this whole damned thing started. Wish me luck!
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How good is he?

Oh, he's good. We walked into his office and there on his wall, next to all his medical degrees, is this poster in a frame...
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So, he has a sense of humour and a sense of history. I like the man already. He comes in and we talk about the poster and he starts telling us all the ingredients in the original mixture! So, he's a nicely curious guy, too. Excellent!

It would appear that I'm suffering from a Labyrinthine Disorder caused by a Basilar Migraine. Remember that migraine I had back on the first of April last year? The one that lasted two weeks? Yep, that was the cause of all this. Effectively it gave me a mini-stroke near my brain-stem. As we went through all the various issues I'd been having, balance, no concentration, exhaustion, pains in my legs, slow deterioration, issues with words and spelling, weakness, every symptom we could come up with just confirmed his hypothesis more. It's still not 100% certain, and it's something that is very hard to confirm without tests that can leave you permanently worse off than when you went in, but it seems a pretty solid bet.

Apparently I was lucky. People can go to sleep with these migraines and wake up paralysed down one side of their body! It's nothing to do with family history, diet or anything else, only migraines. And since I didn't get migraines until after I'd caught Leptospirosis from the cattle, there's no issues of genetically passing on the dangers of stroke to the dozen or so children I hope to father.

However, I do have to be super-diligent about migraines in future. If I get one it has to be acted on immediately. If I've had medication and not gotten over it within 24 hours, I have to go to hospital. If I don't, I'm risking an actual full-blown stroke. But given I get migraines maybe once every year or so, I don't have much to worry about.

And my jogging/walking regime was the best thing I could have done. The fact that I want to learn to swim as well works in with that. Exercise and changing of body position are ideal, so there's lots of sex on the cards, too. *wicked grin* These things will help retrain my body and my balance. With regards to all the issues it's not implausible that I could, over time, make a 100% recovery. I may not. There is certainly damage, how permanent it is can only be found out over time.

But it ain't gunna kill me unless I risk ignoring a migraine, it ain't gunna get worse unless I let it by not exercising, and I have a chance at getting back to my old self, though it may take years.

So please spread the word to all interested parties. My world totally rocks!

How's yours?