February 10th, 2007


Discworld (& good customer service pays off)

Discworld con is very good. Committee have done a good job, lots of fresh faces in the audience for the newbie panel, and about 300 people in the room for the opening ceremony.

And it was one of the best opening ceremony pieces I've seen in years. Really funny, a great start to the con, and setting the tone nicely.

Spent a lot of time catching up with dcrisp which was great. And it was nice, several times he asked if I need to be thinking about heading home, not because he wanted me to leave (no, really, he didn't!) but because he remembered that I needed to be asked about resting from time to time so I would stop and think about how I was coping, rather than just continuing blindly until it was too late.

Thanks David, I really appreciate you doing this.

While on the newbie panel, I spotted one of my old Alternate Worlds customers in the audience. Haven't seen him in over a decade. We got chatting away afterwards and it was a really nice catch-up. And when he realised I was sick and needed rest, he not only offered me crash space in his room, but he went and got me a spare key.

As usual I didn't realise what a relief this would be until it happened. And as usual for me in recent times, the sheer kindness of it almost made me cry.

So a great con and very nice for me personally. Don't know how much I'll see, but I've got crash space and already been shown a lot of kindness.