February 1st, 2007


Funny stuff!

Today I woke up all excited about seeing the general physician. May finally start getting some idea of what is wrong with me!

Then my phone rings.

It's the physician's receptionist, the same one who rang up yesterday to confirm the appointment with me and to make sure I had everything I needed and knew how much it would cost ($200+) - she's rung to tell me that the physician has been called to Sydney urgently and my appointment for this afternoon has been cancelled.

The Gods are messing with me.

I may end up with an appointment before I leave for Melbourne, but more likely I'll be waiting until after I get back. I was pleasant and polite to the receptionist, it wasn't her fault, and I can only imagine how many seriously pissed off people she's had to deal with today. She said she'd ring back by close of business tomorrow if she can get me in soon-ish.

Oh well... *goes back to getting new computer ready*
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Because I believe in real names...

I'd like to wish Russell a great birthday. He's a mate, a friend, a madman... and I do love that little ginger-headed love-god so.

Happy birthday you old bastard!

(Yes I know, technically I'm older than you, but I reckon being an editor adds twenty years.)
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