January 30th, 2007


Furry things

Been really struggling the last few days... Had two really sleepless night and the times I've tried to sleep during the day, sleep just hasn't come. Probably tempted fate talking about how well I was doing *grin*

But I haven't missed any of my jogs or walks. And below the cut is one of the reasons I love this area, and why I enjoy my daily routine...

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I could never have gotten into this exercise routine at home Melbourne. There wasn't enough to see. Just houses and people. But here there's always something to delight me.
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Discworld Con - A request

Well, Nullus Anxietas - the Australian Discworld Convention is on in Melbourne in a little over a week. So, time for me to go begging :)

As many of you know, I get tired out incredibly easily. I can get down to Melb, but don't have the ready cash to get a room at the con.

So if you wouldn't mind a short hairy little bastard crashing out in your room for large chunks of the day, please let me know. If I'm going to get through any of the con (and do the couple of things I've been programmed for) I will need plenty of rest. Pat, the con organiser, has kindly offered me crash space in his room, but I'd like to avoid that so he can have his private space to escape the con without having to deal with an extra person being there.

I'm hoping to get a handful of offers so no one person needs to put up with me in their space for more than a few hours. I'm not planning on staying at the con overnight at the mo', but if anyone would like to offer me crash space overnight as well, that would be lovely.

All comments will be screened so you can safely announce you have space in your room without lots of other folks finding out.