January 3rd, 2007

Group Intellect

Public Service Announcement

"From the makers of the The Official Fan Clue Bat(TM) comes their new line in fannish soap - Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM)

Do you have problems with Smelly Malodourous Offensive Fen, or as we like to call them, SMOFs? Well, get rid of SMOFs today with, Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM)

This handy soap is 95% guaranteed to remove those lingering odours... Video Lounge Junkie, No Room So No Shower, and of course, 3-Day Gamer.

If Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM) doesn't deal with your SMOF problem, either because they smell so bad, or because they won't use the soap, simply place the soap in a sock and beat them with it until they leave!

Or for an small extra price, you can purchase The Official Fan Clue Bat(TM). Simply pummel your SMOFs with this stylish Real Pine Bat until they either realise they should wash, or they leave. You need never touch them again!

Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM), available at caring Conventions everywhere!"

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Wash You Smelly Bastard!(TM) and The Official Fan Clue Bat (TM) are both subsidiary companies of Fuck-Off Fanboy Inc.

100 days of Love and Hate - Day 59

John Howard
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My Sexuality
Okay, Not Safe for Work. It rambles and goes into detail about my sexual history. I’m not exaggerating when I say we’re talking novella, it's around 10,000 words, why else do you think it's taken weeks? And it's still not half of what I could say. One or two bits may shock or surprise. You have been warned. All comments to this post will be screened, only those with a YES at the end will be unscreened.Collapse )

The 'My Sexuality' Poll

Well, here is the poll at last, and it's huge! You don't have to, of course, but I'd recommend reading (or re-reading, if you need the reminder) the following 100 Days of Love and Hate posts, Human Sexuality, My Penis, Needing Intimacy. For other posts that may influence your answers look here.

Naturally, the My Sexuality post is required reading for this quiz.

I'm trying to accurately reflect myself and the sorts of liasions I've had over the years, which means a poll simply listing sexual situations and asking if someone wanted to do me was never going to be an option.

I'm fine with intimacy at all sorts of levels with various different people. What feels right or comfortable varies from person to person, and changes over time. There are folks where I've had a more teacherly role, where the idea of things being done for me was never an option. There have been people where they wanted more but what I needed was less about sex than it was about needing to be close. I'm fine with casual nudity as well, though it takes me a while to stop automatically averting my eyes. So the concept of cuddling naked in bed, with no sex expected or needed, had to fit in there too.

So the poll tries to progress from just subjects to talk about, to levels of intimacy that are non-sexual like handshakes, building to the sexual, then on to actual sex questions. From there I'll probably also throw in a few things that can be incredibly caring/intimate/sensual, but not necessarily sexual, like showering together or massage.

A special thank you to my helpers in getting the poll together. You guys rock!

If, after the poll, you'd like to talk about any/all of this, just comment to that effect. Any other thoughts, comment as well. All comments will be screened.

As usual, I will only unscreen comments that finish with the word 'Yes'.Collapse )