January 2nd, 2007


Six Random Facts meme

Tagged by battblush

Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.

And the explanation has been included, but I'm not gunna tag anyone. Do it if you feel moved to. It was just luck that I spotted I'd been tagged. So, without further ado...

Fact 3 - I had a pet sheep called "Einstein"

Fact 2 - Given that Lynn talked about her phobia, I thought I'd bring up something similarly odd and personal that may be abused by the thoughtless. I don't really have a touch taboo. If I'm treated with care and respect, no part of my body is out of bounds, even to virtual strangers - except for a hand-sized area in the centre of my chest between my nipples. Over my heart, on my upper chest, those are fine, touch away. Chest to chest hugs and the like are fine. Having someone put their hand on my middle chest uninvited, when they know about this, is a huge and almost unforgivable violation.

Fact 6 - I like saying "Tharwa." I deliberately pronounce it in a strange way because I like the way it makes my face feel when I do.

Fact 4 - Since becoming ill in April, I have not written or rewritten, a single story.

Fact 1 - My favourite book of all time is The Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem

Fact 5 - I love easily, I fall in love fairly easily (though rarely really deeply), and I've yet to stop loving anyone, no matter how horrible they've been to me.
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6 More Random Facts

Just because...

Moja - In all my years droving, I only ever got kicked by one cow, as I had really good instincts as to which were the ones to keep away from. The one that got me happened late in my career because I was in a hurry. As I jumped down from a fence, I realised I was too close and that this cow would kick me. She did. It pitched me into the ground and hurt like hell.

Mbili - I can't swim.

Tatu - One testicle is always bigger than the other in men. My smaller one became the bigger one after being hit with an empty plastic coke bottle thrown at someone else in a committee meeting way back in 1989. The bottle rebounded off them and the cap hit me in the testicle. It's still the bigger one today. The committee member didn't kiss it better, though I demanded it.

Nne - I always cry at the last episode of Catweazle, because I find it both incredibly happy and incredibly sad at the same time.

Tano - I use a visualisation mediation technique. When I am entering the visualised landscape, I shake like I'm having a fit.

Sita - Over the years I have planned out four television shows, with episodes and story arcs for multiple seasons, one of which was the animated Doctor Who series. The others were a dark, low-budget sf comedy, a sitcom based around the latest production crew on a long running children's sf show, and an 1984-esque alternate universe show about the underfunded anti-terrorist squad nicknamed the Housekeepers and set in Australia in 1999. The series arc would have led to the discovery that the government themselves were behind the attacks, and featured Housekeepers becoming terrorists/freedom fighters to bring down the corrupt government. I was working on the pilot script when some guys flew a plane into the World Trade Centre, and I realised this wasn't going to go anywhere for a long time.

Bed now, good night.
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