November 12th, 2006


Balance and other things

Back in Victoria, I'd gotten it sussed. I knew how to balance out my days so I could achieve the things I wanted to, within reason. I still haven't got that figured since moving here. I keep wiping myself out, finding that I don't have the mental strength to write and sort, or that on a bad run I have the mental strength to do 100 Days or Skeletor/Hordak but not both.

Yesterday I had to make a choice. We were meant to see a friend last night, but the Belconnen 40th birthday celebrations were on, which I wanted us to go to as a family - mum, Shaz and myself. So I risked going and as it happened, wiped myself out so I couldn't go out last night. There's no way to be sure that it will or won't happen. Some days I could have done both, yesterday I couldn't and I'm actually still paying today. Got out of bed and collapsed. So Shaz has offered to pick-up Lisa and bring her over. Which is lovely of her.

Still a bloody pain though.

So yes, balance. It's annoying. I like getting a new 100 Days out every day, I like getting a new Skeletor/Hordak out every day, I like getting things sorted and put where they are meant to go, and I haven't restarted my business yet. Today I'm toey as anything, and capable of... well... laying there.

Really must organise the Australian Women's Netball team to pay mercy visits.

And to top it all off, Jack Palance is dead. None of this chess crap, I bet Death had to beat him at arm wrestling before he'd go. He was 87, a good innings, but I'm still a little sad about it. I just don't think they make tough guys as genuinely tough, these days.

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