September 15th, 2006



I saw Robots the other night. I decided to watch it because I wanted to see the pretty CGI and what they did with it.

The CGI is pretty, very pretty. The story is totally unengaging. I couldn't even dislike it, I was that unengaged. Not bored, but didn't really care about anything the characters did.

Too many companies jumping on the Pixar CGI bandwagon and missing the point. Pixar films are hits because they are generally well written. You like the characters, the story is engaging, the whole thing works. Pixar could make films with traditional animation, hand-puppets or Lego men and they would still be great films. If just one of the summer block-busters had half the story and character development of The Incredibles, we all would have been very happy campers.

So yes, Robots. It's ok for what it is, an hour and a half of very nice CGI.

Enterprise confusion

I am vexed. I am dripping vexiness from my pores as I type. I don't know what to do about Enterprise.

You see, angriest has been posting up groupings of three great episodes of each season of each Star Trek franchise. It's been a good read. I've been reminded of stories I had quite forgotten about that I enjoyed. He's even made me curious to see at least six episodes from the almost two seasons of Voyager I didn't watch.Collapse )
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