September 12th, 2006


Who the $#%! are you?!

I have a terrible memory for names. Really, really, astoundingly awful. But I'm pretty good with faces.

If you're on my friends list, why not make my day and send me a pic of yourself, or a link to a pic of you, or if you've got one as an LJ icon, just use that. If we've never met, so much the better, I like faces!

Don't assume I know who you are already, I just managed to track down one of the people on my friends list after six months and was surprised as to who it was. Her name kept ringing bells that I couldn't answer, but as soon as I saw her picture I knew who it was. And even if I do know you, a little piccie might be nice.

All comments will be screened, so if you wish to remain anonyomous, only you and I need know your terrible secret life on LJ...

[edit] I'm not unscreening unless specifically told I can.
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