August 28th, 2006


Crisp will call me "Cripple Old Man!" but...

I'm now a pensioner! I got a card and everything! It's actually the Carer's Pension since, in theory, I'm looking after mum...

*cue flashback sequence*
Danny walks out to kitchen, then realises he's left his walking stick behind. He weighs up how he feels, his balance, the weakness in his legs, and realises he can't physically make it back to the room to retrieve his cane. Tentatively he calls to his 70 year old mother..

"Mum? Could you get my walking stick for me, please?"
*flashback ends*

But I now get all sorts of free stuff! Including a train trip! Must look into details and limitations, but I've always wanted to take the train across to Perth for a Swancon, but it's always been too pricey. But if it's free, or even just significantly cheaper...
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