August 26th, 2006


100 days of Love and Hate - Day 1

Having been inspired by James Gunn's lists of hundred things he likes and hates, I thought I'd do something similar. But instead of just doing a list of things in one hit, I'm going to do mine over the course of one hundred days. I probably won't manage to post every day, especially with the move coming up, but I'd like to try. I think it'll be an interesting exercise.

The Rules
There will be no particular order to the posts, and while I say 'love or hate', some things will doubtless be things I merely like or dislike. These will be things that I love or hate, you may feel differently about them, I don't care so long as you don't pester me about it.
Each post will be behind a cut because there will be foul language, there will be some deeply personal issues discussed, there will be adult concepts talked about in detail, there will be taboo subjects - and that's just on the love list *grin*. I tend to self-censor quite a bit, so part of this is about trying not to. Once I warm up, expect some occasional really over the top ranting or praising.

And so with no further bullshit...

Customer Service
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Continuum 4
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