June 4th, 2006


Tom's 70th

Last night we had Sharon's Dad's 70th birthday.

Shaz's family are all pretty good people who I get on well with. And Tom's speech was awesome. He did a beautiful job of getting the emotion he was feeling accross 'See, I have the problem... I'm a man, so I'm not allowed to cry... And I'm surrounded by so many people who I love...' One of the best speeches I've heard, all the more remarkable given that he didn't even know the party was going to be this big or that he'd have to give a speech. It was filled with humour and honesty. It's nice to see Tom has a gift for words.

I can't help but wonder about Tom's life if he'd taken a different direction. Last night I saw a natural speech-giver with a genuine gift for words. And for his working life he worked with steel. Can't help but wonder if our culture is the poorer for Tom never taking to the idea of writing or storytelling.

With so many people who struggle to talk publically or tell their stories, I sometimes forget how awesome it is to see natural talent in action. I think I know where Shaz gets her gift for a good turn of phrase now.
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