May 24th, 2006


Many updates

Lots to catch up on. Let's see...

If you look over at my gorgeous wife's journal, you'll see that Sharon has a job. This is because she rocks!

This also means we are going to Conflux! Woohoo! We'd been at the point of asking to borrow money off mum to go because so many of our friends will be there and we'd really like to see all of you.
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In more important news, the Wilbur Smith has actually reached a bid of $10.50! I didn't think it would sell at all! I just did it for the sheer silliness and to see how many hits I could get (342 at the time of writing). That I'm making money is a bonus. Next time around, (and there will be a next time, my pets, oh yes...) I may see about donating the money to charity or something. As it is a few of my eBay listings are a bit silly, so I don't know how long I can resist the urge to make eBay slightly stranger again. It is actually quite a dull place.
Any bizarre/fun suggestions?

Speaking of eBay I've been making out like a bloody bandit! It was looking like I was going to have around $200 towards a trip to Conflux without loaning money or job stuff. It's actually nice. Being crook has been frustrating because I couldn't earn any cash. And I'm actually doing ok. Plus it's work I can do. I work in short stints when I'm up to it, sit still or lay down when I'm not. It feels really nice to be bringing money into the house. Plus it's helping declutter... so I have room for Doctor Who toys and DVDs! Bwuhahahaha!

Mum's still painting. I should have got this painting up last week. I still think the painting of Kal is the best she's done, but I love that she's doing this.
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Been a lot of talk about me selling my photos and 3D art, so now that I know there's interest, I'll be doing something more positive about that. It was a big personal risk putting art in the artshow at Swancon... one of those areas where I have no confidence... so it was nice to have sold most of it. I've got work in the Conflux artshow and some of that's for sale, so I'll see how that goes.

While on art, I'm planning something special/cheesy for Skeletor/Hordak on May 25th. Stay tuned.

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