May 14th, 2006


Mother's day

Sharon's going off to her family Mum's day thingy, I opted out in advance because of being crap, but I could probably manage today. However, I think I'll stay opted out. Sharon's mum utterly rocks out. She's a very cool woman and I love her heaps. But I've pushed my semi-wellness hard the last two days and then forgot to take my tablet last night before bed (oops!).

My mum has opted to stay home too, just because that's what she does if we don't push her to go out. But she loved her pressie. It's rare to get a strong reaction from mum, but she was over-joyed with her paint set. It's rare she shows an interest in much, so when she showed one in painting, we were keen to encourage it. And it made a change from an Elvis-related gift. Collapse )

Got Shaz a mum's day pressie too, because hopefully she'll bear my demon spawn offspring at some point. I've been going to do this for myself, but suddenly realised (in my distress that I'd not been able to go out and find her a pressie) it'd work as a pressie for her. I don't know if she'll use it, but she's a geek girl, so she now has her LJ account paid for for 12 months. I'll also make her some icons, if she'd like. Love you sweetie!

And lastly, must give Bernadette, my birth-mum a ring today. She rocks out as well. We don't see each other as often as we'd like, even though we live close. We're both busy/forgetful people. But Bern rocks too, and I do love her as much as I love most of my family, who I also don't get around to seeing.

So happy mum's day to all my mum friends on LJ!
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eBay madness...

I've been putting things on eBay. It's a slow process. Lots of old books, toys and such, some mine, some belonging to my dad.

I picked up a book that had been nibbled by mice. I don't like to throw books out, but couldn't see anyone wanting the book in this condition, even though it wasn't bad. Anyway, I went a bit silly...

All of a sudden, this book deserved to suffer, and suffer it will, my friends! If it doesn't sell, I'm taking suggestions on how best to destroy it. I could hollow it out and fill it with old fireworks. Wait until they start building the road down the back and ask the workmen to run over it with their big... road... flattening... thing... Dress it up like a rabbit and try to get a passing raptor to take it out...

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