May 6th, 2006


Masters of Horror

Watched the Masters of Horror episode 'Homecoming' yesterday, directed by one of my favs, Joe Dante, based on the short story 'Death & Suffrage' by Dale Bailey. It rocked! Satirical, biting, dark, sad, funny... and it has a great "oh shit!" moment towards the end.Collapse )
A few more good episodes and I'll be adding this to my Must own the boxed set list.
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July 2006 Fantasy & Science Fiction

Fantasy and Science Fiction is a mag I've picked from time to time. Very few mags get my dollar regularly, in fact the three that do are all film/tv based - Doctor Who Magazine, Fangoria and Cinefex. I love written fiction, but reading as slowly as I do, it's often not worth my time and money picking up a magazine of it. I'm flat out getting through all the novels and short story collections I already own, let alone adding a bunch to the pile.

However Gordon van Gelder is "looking to give away these copies to the first fifty people who ask for one. The catch is this: if you want one of the copies, you'll have to blog about the issue." So that's what I'm doing in the hope of getting a copy. He doesn't even mind if you say something like 'I'm only doing this to get the issue', so long as you write something. I'm hoping to be able to write a review. It's the least I can do if I actually get a copy for free.

I do think this is a really interesting promotion. I wish Gordon well with it and will be curious to see how it works out.

For those that are interested, go here.

Special big thanks to stephen_dedman for mentioning this in his blog.
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