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April 16th, 2006

Update, reading, watching and a rant. [Apr. 16th, 2006|08:42 pm]
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[mood |soreheadachey but I'll live]

Still headachey. Going to have more acupuncture and a visit to the chiropractor next week. Headaches have improved, but still pretty constant. It's the first thing that's ever laid me so low that I can't drive. Also means I'm not reading LJ, barely touching email. My majority of net/computer time is based around putting up the latest skeletor_hordak. (Thank God I've got several weeks worth saved up!)
So if I've been even worse at writing back over the last few weeks, you know why.

BTW, please don't write expressing sympathy, I'm giving an update, not looking for "poor little Danny" posts. I know and appreciate that many of you will hope I get better soon, that's enough. If you want to do comment, comment on anything below the cut that strikes a chord :)

What I have done recently is a bit of reading and a bit of watching. Some of it is related to my next Fandom is My Life article, some is just for me. So here's a quick rundown... Cut for length and occasionally naughty words...Collapse )
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