March 10th, 2006


The Icelandic/Australian Cross-Country Adventure Day 1

Audioscape - The bumps and rattles of my car, the crunch of gravel roads, crows and assorted birdies, random tunes from 50's, 60's, 70's &80's, Tism, Regurgitator, Eps 1&2 of Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

After getting lost in Perth, picked up Karno and we headed off on our way. Small angry Aussie, tall good natured Icelander, old Holden bitsa and lots of interesting bugs to splatter against our windscreen. What an adventure to be had!

I'm trying an experiment on this trip. I've set the camera up in the back seat to take a picture every 15 minutes. The view is through the windscreen. Be able to turn the finished shots into some sort of art piece at the end of this, probably. Or not. Probably not.

Headed to Wave Rock first. I was sure Karno had never seen a rock before. Turned out he had, but he didn't mind seeing another one, so that was good.

From there we took the Hyden-Norseman road to Norseman. 300 kms of unsealed, red, dusty, bumpy road. After about 200kms Karno, in a deadpan voice, said "So, this Australia... Is it big?" Karno is good to travel with. So far I have had no desire to chop him up and bury him in the middle of nowhere.

Got to Norseman, paused for a shower and something to eat, then headed off. Found the Benito Mussilini Memorial roadside stop shortly afterwards and stopped there for the night. Managed to get Karno's two metre tall frame into the tent by hacking his feet off, so there has been some chopping off of his body parts, but it wasn't malicious, so that's ok. Will reattach them with number 8 fencing wire in the morning. It's a hot hot quiet night. You can hear the thump thump thump of Karno's heart valve. It's all good.
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