February 28th, 2006


Stokes to Albany

Woke up in our tent to a lovely morning at Stokes Inlet. Got up and was half-consumed by March flies almost immediately. They are big with a nasty bite, but also slow moving, so you can have lots of fun sending them flying with a deft flick.

Wandered around and saw lots of nifty insects, many of whom were happy to pause for a photo or two. Well, except for the bullant, who hurled abuse and tried to call the police.

Got to Albany and grabbed some net time in the ABC shop. Had to wait for a computer to be free, so got to look at all the nice books and audio stuff that I wanted. Didn't buy any, but hopefully my drool will have brought down the prices next time I go in.

Had a shower at a caravan park, then hit the farm. Slept outside on the balcony under the stars. It's a great place here. Lots of trees, insects, trees, peacocks, trees and peacock poo.