February 27th, 2006


Eucla to Stoke's Inlet

Left Eucla at 3:30am Perth time. Was a good drive though after heading through a collection of locusts, the car has picked up a cricket in its fandoogle. This means that the car starts to make a chirping noise if we go over 85kph, as the dipthrong gears rub the insect and excite him. The horny cricket is a cosmetic problem, but the chirruping sounds so awful, we're just staying around 85.

How do crickets ever get laid? Must be a lot of deaf ones.

Even with the speedometer broken, figuring out our speed is simple enough. We just use the stopwatch function on our mobile phones and time how long it takes to travel between two of the markers that are placed at ten kilometre intervals. Then we take that time, convert it into seconds, see how many times that number goes into 3,600 and we have our speed. Don't know why I ever bothered with a speedo in the first place, it's so easy.

And now we have the audible horny cricket noise to let us know when we've passed 85, so that's one set of calculations we don't have to do.

Eventually got to Stokes Inlet by around 10pm. An easy day's drive. Just under a thousand kilometres in around 18.5 hours with several stops along the way for food, wee, photography and to compare hoon tans.

I don't know why everybody doesn't do this trip.