February 25th, 2006


Nullarbor to Eucla

Slept by the side of the road last night. Makes me wish my camera, (a digital) had longer exposure times than 15 seconds. Then I may have been able to get a better shot of the milky way. Living in the city, you just take the name Milky Way at its face value, it's a name like any other. It could be called Phillip.

It's when you're in the outback that you get to understand the naming. The sky has a lot more distinct stars, but also a huge pale smear runs throught the sky, millions more stellar lights all merging together. It's one of the things you lose in the city, the sense of wonder and scale that a sky full of stars can elicit.

In the morning, Tiki took photos of me jumping and dancing about naked in the middle of the highway through the Nullarbor Plain. She's weird that girl.