January 23rd, 2006


So, you're a DVD addict...

DVD addiction is becoming a serious problem. If you're a film or tv buff, it's especially difficult to control the urges to buy everything that comes out. There are films and tv shows that I literally waited decades to be released on videotape. It never happened. Now they're bringing out anything and everything on DVD, to the point where you're spoiled for choice. There's always something you can pick up.

For many of us suffering a DVD addiction (or as I call it, DVDA) it's hard not to buy the discs. These are things you've wanted to see all your life, things that previously you only got the chance to get once in a while. Now they're all out there, seemingly at once. If you don't buy them now, you may miss out on them. And after having waited so long to see these things, the last thing you want is to miss out on them now they've been released.

This leads to a few different problems. One is the inevitable lack of money. Another is having lots of unwatched DVD's that you'll get to 'one day.' The third is the lack of space. The last is being caught with really embarrassing crap on your shelves.

Today, I'll share with you three simple techniques I've learned, in the hope of helping you with your addiction. If we're lucky, at the very least it'll save you some money.

The Rule of Four.Collapse )