December 25th, 2005


My Christmas day

Woke up and opened present from tikiwanderer. It was a very nicely done book on how to be Santa, which captures a lot of the things you realise when you play the part. That was my only prezzie, partly because I'm evil, and partly because I haven't gotten the new Doctor Who boxed set yet, and mum gave me money and I haven't spent it all yet.

Got dressed in the Santa suit, then put mum's and Sharon's presents on the bed next to them. Shaz was awake, but mum was fast asleep in her room and oh-so-cute, all curled up and having puppy dreams. Then I drove to Tiki's, waving at traffic on the way.

Got there and went in the back door, knowing it would be open, doing the whole "Ho ho ho" thing. I was greeted inside by Tiki as a seven-year old. Hair all messed up, rubbing sleep out of her eyes with both fists , going "huh?" and "it's Santa!" all at the same time. Gave her her prezzie and then sat on the couch with her as she cuddled up in the same way that small children tend to.

Then went to leave, but paused to get the photos that whochick had requested. While there a grandmum arrived in her car and asked if I'd say hello to her grandson. I said yes, and she went and got him and I greeted him warmly. Then she mentioned that he was Jewish and would be getting his prezzies on Monday. So I shalomed and happy hanukkahed him and then headed off to Clarinda shopping centre. I did some random, drive-by sleighing and gave lollies to everybody down there.Collapse )

Got home and decided that no, I was now too drained to go to either beaches or a hospital to do some more random sleighing. So maybe I'll save the leftover Chrissy stuff for North Pole Tonight. Rang my favourite auntie, Auntie Gwen and confirmed that we were still okay to pay a visit tomorrow, and yep, that's cool. So looking forward to seeing her and my cousin's kids.

Beyond that, will head out later tonight to give the video library folks their chocies then get an early night before heading off to Cohuna tomorrow morning.

All up, been a pretty amazing Christmas Day for all sorts of good and bad reasons. Hope yours was great!