December 22nd, 2005


Magical realities

Tonight was the job that I'd been hoping to get to do again. Melissa's family. I Santa'd for them last year after she approached me at Roxburgh Park Shopping centre, having been impressed with my Kringle abilities. It was fun and sweet last year, with parents, grandparents and two kids, Skyla and Damon.

This year it was a bigger event. Twelve kids including the main two. I arrived and Melissa was run off her feet. She snuck me into the house then tried to make sure I was comfy while holding everything else together! The kids had scattered reindeer food out to tempt Father Christmas down and were being kept busy singing and colouring in stuff to give me until I was ready to appear. After a couple of false starts, Melissa managed to get me out the front door without any of the children noticing, then I got to knock and make an entrance. Collapse )
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