December 1st, 2005


Great way to start December...

I went out to collect the lollies for my Santa gigs this weekend (Werribee Open range Zoo and Melbourne Zoo) and guess what? They had my new suit waiting! It's gorgeous. The old one was nice, this one is beautiful. Wine coloured, the cape as part of the suit, a very nicely made fat suit and the beard and hair are pale grey rather than white.

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Bird 'flu

In recent months I've watched the media, under the guise of informing the public, try to stir everyone up into a panic about bird 'flu. There's a fine line between informing people and instilling fear to get ratings/sell papers/whatever. As usual, the media have worked less towards a policy of dissemination of information and more towards the instillation of fear.

What I find myself wondering is, is it wrong of me to want bird 'flu to hit?Collapse )