November 24th, 2005


Last day at Werribee

And it wasn't a bad one. Didn't have Lily today, but had Dee taking the photos instead. She was nice too. Had quite a few adult get photos with Santa today, too. I like getting the shots with the adults and teens... it's nice to have shots where they aren't going to freak out or be too stunned to smile.

The wig cap alteration I made worked reasonably well. It was uncomfortable and gave me a bit of a headache, but I wasn't in blinding pain. This gets a big Yay! from me.

This Saturday I'm out at Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Melton for Santa's Magical arrival. I think the magic show itself starts at 11am. But I've been gyped at the last minute. The magician has decided to use his own guy for the appearance, and then I get to do the actual walking around, talking and photo stuff. I can undertsand why he'd decide to do that, there are a lot of good reasons, and the walking around thing is my favourite bit of the whole business, but still WWWWAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGHH! Ripped off!

For those that are interested, there are three pics below the cut...Collapse )
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Brothers Grimm

Terry Gilliam is one of my favourite directors, even though he made the Brothers Grimm. If I had remembered that he was the director going in to this movie, I suspect I would have been even more disappointed. I found it to be a film with a reasonable script and cool ideas struggling against the might of all it's male leads playing for laughs. The women play straight and it works, but the guys... *sigh*

I suspect if the film had been played straight, I would have enjoyed it much more. As it was, I found it irritating. It's the first film where I very nearly walked out of the cinema because it was so very annoying.

I'll probably rewatch it in a few years time and see what I think. I have hated films before and found them enjoyable on a rewatch, but somehow I don't think this will be one of them. I went in expecting good, dumb fun. Well, it was dumb, anyway.