November 22nd, 2005


Werribee Plaza

It's not a bad ol' place to be Santa. Kids of all nationalities being hugely enthusiastic/terrified out of their wits by the big fat man in red. Don't have much to report, but do have piccies of two of my current workmates.

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Be meaning to write about this since last week. Collected my DVD from the mockumentary. And they gave me a t-shirt! Very cool! I think they were rather thrown by how enthusiastic I was to get a Senggol T-shirt, but then again, they don't know me very well :)

I have to be honest though. I love the t-shirt but it's not quite right. It says "Senggol Frenzy" but it has three figures standing in the Sanggol triangle. Which looks less like a frenzy and more like a polite conversation. However, that's being picky and I really love the shirt *grin*

Now to the flick. I didn't cringe watching myself in this one. All I had to do was deliver bullshit with a straight face, which I'm sure many of you would say is pretty natural for me. They also had me do a bunch of adlibs, and one of those got into the DVD. Sadly it wasn't the ones where I talked about Mel "The Rock" Kosick and Ken "The Clown" McCaw, but there you go.

All up, I'm really impressed with the DVD. It looks very, very good. It feels like a real behind the scenes style doco and it looks great. It's good enough that I think it would take people a minute or two to realise it's not real. The script is clever and most of the performances are quite good.

The one thing I was worried may have hurt the film was that in the script many scenes ended with a gag. Given it was meant to be done straight, I was worried that this may spoil the effect. However the edit on the DVD loses all but one of these gags and I think it really helps the production. The gags now appear in the closing credits, with the best at the end, played to perfection by the actress. I also loved the two Senggol fans. Their final gag is pretty darn good as well.

There are only two actors I think are a bit weak in it, and that's more because they seem to be playing for laughs rather than playing straight. They aren't bad, it's just their delivery is out with the overall tone. The only other problem is that it's not made terribly clear as to what made Jack break. I know, but I've read the script. A couple of the edits are a bit rough but these are minor complaints. Over all, it looks slick and professional.

Very proud to have been a part of this one.