November 16th, 2005


Evil Bastards!

Ok, yesterday I was out and about looking at DVD's. Now I knew that they had released the first three Nightmare on Elm St films locally, but yesterday seeing them around everywhere it just built to the point where I got really pissed off. Why? A few years back, in the US, they released a nice big boxed set of all the Elm St. films. It was going to be released here about six months later, I even had it on pre-order, but they canceled the release. Now the boxed set has tonnes of material in it. For a fan of the films, it's a wonderful treat.

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Village Garden

Well, did some Santa-ing today in Richmond at the Village Garden shopping centre. It was good. Got to wander about and give out chocolates and talk to kids. Then at about 1:30pm KMart launched the wishing tree. They got the kids from Brighton St Primary School to sing. Which was especially nice for me as I used to go to Brighton street, back in the dim dark days when it was spitting distance from Richmond Abattoirs. *happy sigh*

Not much else to say. There's a piccie of myself and the kids below the cut.

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