October 10th, 2005


Untitled Shoot-Out #1 - The Screening!

Friday night I went to the screening of Untitled Shoot-Out #1, or as I like to call it, the Gangster Flick. It was nice to see the folks again. USO1 was a great shoot. Well organised with a bunch of pretty likeable people.

Allowed an hour and quarter to get into the city and was still late thanks to traffic, but managed to get into the lecture theatre just moments before the flick was shown. Andrew (the director) told us just before it screened that it wasn't finished yet.

It looked pretty slick. They were going for a comic book style to the framing, which included things like rotoscoping around some folks, and it looks great. During the shoot-out there are six frames onscreen in a range of colours, one for each of the gangsters ,and we each fade out as we get gunned down. Verra cool. Collapse )

Moved in and we're back on the Internety

Yes, we're moved in (more or less) and back on the net (more or less).

Yes, my wife and I are living at South Oakleigh now, in the room where I lost my virginity half a lifetime ago. So many memories here. Learning to drive, pet sheep and of course, my schizophrenic mum trying to kick in my bedroom door...

We have a new phone number. For those in the know, you can ring the old number and our answering machine will tell you the new number, or you can just look it up in the white pages online. Yes, I'm still under the same listing I've been under for the last decade and a bit.

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