September 18th, 2005


Filming pics - Burley

Okay, I'm still stuffed from shooting Dudes of Doom, to the point where I opted out of today's committee meetings so I could sleep in. Didn't work, I was awake by 8:30 and feeling stuffed.

Anyway, below the cut is a bunch of piccies taken from one of the student films I've done over the last couple of few weeks. They'll all be done as thumbnail links to Imageshack. Got some catching up to do on these, I've done two since this one! No details as to the plot, you can find that out during the Danny Oz film festival...Collapse )

Film Pictures - Untitled Shoot-Out

I have to admit, I was a little sceptical about this one. Almost no dialogue and it's basically a bunch of blokes blowing each other away. However, once I got to our rehearsal I saw how they were approaching it and was impressed, then I saw the animated storyboards and was over the moon. Collapse )

Edit Notes
I've gone through and changed the thumbnails back to full sized piccies. This is more because I actually prefer to have the full sized pics than the thumbnails, I just thought it was kinder to people's bandwidth to go the extra step. But no-one said they preferred being able to click the thumbnails and I noticed that comments on my pics dropped off as well, so what the hell...

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