April 21st, 2005


The Trip to Melbourne Part 3

Tuesday 19th

As mentioned in the previous post, the peahen did her frog imitation and croaked. It was a shame, but we did our best and hopefully her last hours were at least comfy. After this a hole that was to be dug for a tree that was being transplanted was made slightly larger and I took the big, stiff birdie down for burial.

Later in the morning I got a phone call from Mitch. We yakked a bit but it had to be cut short as we were going into town. After going to the post office to mail some things to yummy wife-person and pick up the proof pages for my story from the Big Finish collection A Day in the Life, we went for a drive. The first part of the trip around Albany consisted of Tiki and her mum driving around a bunch of streets looking at houses. I think my two favourite houses that we passed were the one with the fair sized brick Leaning Tower of Piza, and the one with a concrete kangaroo and aboriginal on its porch.Collapse )