February 16th, 2005

Santa Dan

Not much to say...

except that I have no idea what has happened to my friends page. It's gone all green on green for no obvious reason. Will wait and see if it fixes itself.

Mondy left for the US today. He be goin' to a Doctor Who con. Yay!

Plans progress apace for the move and all the things we have to do for it. Sharon's taking a week off work so we can tear through the sorting at mum's. We know how to have fun :)

I'm in a cuddle needing mood today. The timing is good, it's just hit and Sharon is home in an hour. Yaay!
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Big thanks to all you lovely people for all the kind words and thoughts in regards to having to shift in with mum and all the related hassles. This shows how unused I am to the whole Livejournal/blog thingy. Even though I reply to people and such, it still feels like I'm almost writing a personal diary of sorts - so it's kind of a surprise to have people write back! lol

It's not really a big deal. Just a matter of figuring out the maths. We were probably going to end up living with mum in a couple of years anyway, when we move (hopefully, possibly) to central Australia, so this is just a little earlier than expected.

Mum was thrilled with the idea, of course... until I said I'd take her walking every day! You should have seen her face drop, there was a sonic boom!

One of the upsides is that I get to be with my dogs. Mum's got the last of my living work dogs from the droving days, Dingo. So it'll be nice to be around him. he's deaf now, but still loves to chase the ball at 17 years.

She's also got Karl, Dingo's son. Dingo is a Kelpie/Dingo cross. Karl is a Kelpie/Dingo/Wire-haired Terrier cross. Karl would rather watch Dingo chase the ball. I swear the little bugger has perfected the doggie equivalent of a Clive Robertson impersonation. "Oh, you want me to chase the ball, do you? Well I think I'll just sit here and look interested, if it's all the same to you. Actually, no... I can't be bother looking interested. But you go enjoy yourselves."

The weirdest thing? I'll be sleeping with my wife in the room I lost my virginity in. There's something oddly right about that.
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