February 6th, 2005



Sharon and I just watched episodes 5 & 6 from the fourth season of West Wing. Episode 6 was about Bartlet having a debate with Governor Ritchie. Now, an episode of TV about a debate should suck.

This left me with a near sexual afterglow.

And I'm not exaggerating. I was sitting there for several minutes afterwards blown away by the episode.

It was clever, witty and smart. So very, very smart. It's official, I have never seen a television show as consistently well written as West Wing. It doesn't engage your emotions in the obvious and manipulative ways of most TV, it does it by giving you something to actually care about and admire, to get you thinking and passionate about what it's doing.

With so much utter garbage out there, it's nice to know that TV can actually be this amazing.

If I ever wrote something a fraction as good as West Wing, I'd be very happy.

It's nice to have goals.
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