January 21st, 2005


Not quite six months...

Just looked... has it really been a week since my last post? Good lord, how time flies.

Been a busy/slack/forgetful week for me. But caught up with some people in person (hi Nick, Mondy, Janice, Jon, Alison, Sue Ann, Snudge and a host of others) and a couple on the phone (hi Robin and Tiki). Also got my story rewritten in the relevant parts, now just need to send it off (hi Ian, not that you even know I have an LJ).

This time next week I'll be getting ready for Gengiscon in Perth. Looking forward to catching up with some old mates (hi Mel, Ken, Paul, etc.) there and maybe making some new ones. Doubt I'll be staying at the con as I'll be staying with one of my relatives and would like to spend more time with them. But if a handy bit of floor gets offered I may well take it up... depends on my mood.

Also going to be staying with Ms. Tiki and Mr. Robin. Yay! Looking forward to that. One's great in bed and the other is a damn sexy woman :P

So, all in all, I'm feeling pretty chipper.

Now I just need to pack before Sharon gets home in, oh... half an hour.


bye! :)

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