January 6th, 2005


Almost made it!

Simon Brown just posted to a list that I'm on, talking about a particular story he wrote. It seems the other night he was listening to a very old radio play and low and behold, there was the same basic premise he'd used in a fairly good and popular story of his. Needless to say he'd never heard any episodes of the program before, it was just one of those freak coincidences. The first half of the story was very similar, the second ran in a radically different direction.
He commented that it was the sort of thing that only happened two or three times within a professional career. He's lucky. At least it's happened within his professional career.

I've been writing and coming up with story ideas, novels and tv series for years. Some of them have just been ideas sitting in the background of my mind, gradually simmering until they're ready. Some have been things that if I had enough internal push I would have been able to get something done with, but my own lack of self esteem held me back. Some have been projects that I've been actively working on.

So now, let's trip down memory lane and see the ideas that would have been great, fresh and original - if no other bastard had gotten there first.

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It used to be frustrating, especially as it seemed like every few years yet another one of my ideas for Redback appeared. They were never handled exactly the same as I had envisioned, but the basic idea was now out there. It had ceased to be shiny, new, and most importantly, MINE!

But, on the other hand, it is kind of funny. And at least I actually like the shows that have ended up coming up with the same cool ideas.

My catch phrase in these situations is now a simple "That'd be right!"


PS Simon Brown, Sean Williams and Russell Blackford are all dudes! And fine writers to boot. Now, look into the hypnowheel - Buy their stuff and read it.