January 2nd, 2005



Just did a sizeable update and had the lot go bye-byes. Oh well, doesn't happen terribly often, in fact I think this is the first time in ages.

Certainly the first time this year :P

I'll rewrite the first part properly tomorrow, but a simple version of the last part will do for tonight. Saw The Incredibles and Team America: World Police in the last two days. Both totally rock and will be joining my DVD collection once they are released. I will also one day own their soundtracks.

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One more time...

This is part of the entry I lost last night...

So, I sent off my latest short story to Big Finish. Yeehaw! I hope they like it since they paid good money for it. For those of you who have dosh and are interested, the collection it will be appearing in is called A Day in the Life. It's their thirteenth Short Trips collection and the third I will have appeared in. The previous two I was in (co-writing with the marvelous Ian "Mondy" Mond) were Past Tense and Monsters.

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The story for Day in the Life is called Sold Out and features the Sixth Doctor and Mel at a literal dream concert. I actually wrote the whole thing while in Perth, sitting quietly on Tiki's front verandah. It was the ideal place to write because I like sitting on verandahs and had the place to myself as she was at work for a good chunk of the time. I actually got a couple of stories written there, but that was the only one that was definitely going to pay.

There's a couple of local small press collections coming out in the next year that I need to get my act together for. They aren't paying but I'd like to get something in them. I have to be in the fourth Mitch? collection. Much smaller book this time around, but with some great company :)


PS I did the html coding all on my own! With no help!
Now if only I was toilet trained...