December 17th, 2004


Thank the heavens

I used to work for a major Victorian adult bookshop chain (Not Club X or the truly wonderful Sexyland) and it was a job I loved. Sex is something I know and I'm quite reasonable at making people feel comfy about what they are after, not to mention giving them options they hadn't considered. I love customer service and if there's any industry where you really need it, that's the one. I'm proud to say I never sent anyone out of my store with something that I didn't think they'd wanted or would enjoy.
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And now I'm playing Father Christmas for kids and I LOVE it! Best job in the world :) And it pays better than the old one, too! Okay, I am going to have to look for another job after Christmas (I've applied to the Ayers Rock Resort *fingers crossed*) but if I had stayed at the sex shop I probably would never have had the chance to play Kris Kringle.

The point I'm making is, it doesn't do to keep yourself trapped in a job you actually hate. If it's been that way for a while it's not likely to improve and work takes up too much of your life to dread getting up each day. If you hate it more that 50% of the time, get out.

No job and no amount of money is worth the slow decay of your being.


PS Off to play Father Christmas at Sandown this arvo. Yay!
Santa Dan


Well had a good if rather quiet day as Father Christmas today at Sandown. It was rather nice to be able to walk to a gig for a change, as opposed to having to reach the other side of the city. It was the only job I have on this side of town. Rest of my week is in Preston.

Click below to see a picture myself as Kringle with Nikki and Oliver from Shetlands for all Occasions which the lovely Marie sent me just today. Thanks Marie, you're wonderful :)

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It was funny being near horses again. Haven't been for years. I was always crap with them when I was a drover, that was why I tended to do things on foot - I didn't have as far to fall. The shetlands were both lovely though. Hmmm... maybe I should have asked for a ride! Oh well, next time...

It was my first ever visit to a proper racetrack and kind of cool. There is a definite excitement as the horses race to the finish line, and most of the people were lovely. The staff at Sandown were great, really helpful and friendly and they provided me with the nicest candy canes I've been given to hand out. Very delish! I'm not so happy with the suit I have for the rest of my run as Santa though, there's not enough padding. Now that may be a good thing, given I'm going to be wandering around in 35 degree heat tomorrow, but I'd rather swelter and look right than not. I'm only a little bloke and really need the padding to help carry off the effect. Oh well... Let's see how I'm feeling after tomorrow, I may well be gloriously happy with the lack of padding by then.

Thinking I may go for a drive in my suit one night this week, just because I can. I really like the idea of Saint Nick driving around Noble Park in a 1970 Holden Belmont (Kingswood Premier cross, hitherto referred to as the Belwood) with number plates that say TYPE 40.

I think it'd be fun to find a breath testing station and give the police there candy canes :)


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