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Flicks and the Neville-o-thon

It's been a film filled few days for me... well compared to normal. I mean to watch more films, but just don't get around to it. Same with TV shows. If I have the energy to do stuff, I try to do stuff, not waste my good hours (or sometime my good half-hour for the day), on fripperies. Don't always manage it, but try.

However in the last two days I've seen three movies. Last night Sharon and I watched The Dark Crystal. It was good to see it again after all these years. I'd forgotten the level of detail in the world, all the life and tiny moving creatures that just make the place feel more alive than you get in most films. It works quite well. Best character is Augra, and not overused, either. My only complaint, and it's a picky one, is that there's not enough expression in the Gelfling faces. But I know enough about the logistics of it to know that that would be difficult to do, especially for two characters who are meant to be young. Besides, that lack of expression is common in Hollywood now, with it's Botox-filled stars running rampant.

Then, later last night I watched Danger: Diabolik which I'd never seen before and was fabulous fun! The main character's 'inverted' disguise (his eyes are clearly seen, but his face is encased in rubber) is a cool look and actually makes a lot more sense than a mask that cuts down one's peripheral vision. It's fun and full of joy, though it was a surprise to find that he wasn't the classic 'gentleman thief' style character - Diabolik is more than ready to kill to get what he wants. Very cool film, with about three endings spread over the last forty-five minutes, including one that feels straight out of Fight Club.

Today Shaz, mum, and I went to see The Golden Compass. Now I haven't read the original book, and while it felt like there was a lot more to the universe than I was seeing, I didn't feel like I was missing vital information. Dakota Blue Richards is a fabulous actress, playing her part well, and the movie was a good game of Spot-The-Actor with a number of great character actors and well-known ones dotted about. While I wasn't blown away by the film, it was a good watch, and I look forward to the follow-up, assuming they make it.

And tomorrow... tomorrow is the Neville-o-Thon! What is the Neville-o-Thon, I hear you ask? A good mate of mine, Paul, is coming over and we are going to watch the various adaptations of Richard Matheson's fabulous book, I Am Legend. Robert Neville is the main character's name, so it's somewhat ironic that that isn't his name in the first of the films we'll be watching.

We'll start out with The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price, followed by The Omega Man with Charlton Heston, and then we hop into the car and head out to Dendy cinemas where we shall watch I Am Legend with Will Smith. It's going to be fascinating to see the three interpretations of the story. I actually like the first two - third will be... interesting. Akiva Goldsman wrote the script, and while I swore I wouldn't spend money or time on another Goldsman script without my friends firmly assuring me that it's an exceptionally good film, I'm willing to spend $2 to see this one on the big screen, courtesy of Paul's staff discount.

And before anyone writes to tell me about the modern version - please don't. I don't want any info or opinions. I know nothing about it beyond Smith and Goldsman, and I'd like it kept that way. But I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all in a day or so.

Oh, and just to make the experience complete, I've been re-reading the original story, and hope to get it finished before we start tomorrow.

Cheers, my dears!
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