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Playset and pics

Well, I was forced to open the Tardis Playset and put it together because no-one had bought it. What's extra good about it is that once you get it put together, you get a free engineering degree! Strangely, once completed I wasn't so thrilled... for about 10 minutes. Then I started wondering why I hadn't been happy before, as it was a fabulous toy! Because I know some of you will be curious, I present some pictures below the cut.

There are also a couple of pics I've been meaning to get up for a couple of days.

Nikki and I on my last day. She was fab to work with and earned a truckload of chocolates, but I'm a cheap bastard and only gave her a small box of them.

The is Stump - Master of Disguise! Stump changes its look throughout the year, but this is the first time I've taken a photo of it. Previously, it was done up as a witch for Halloween.

The Doctor wonders what happened to the other walls of the Tardis...

Looking at the doors.

Looking up into the interior.

The blurring on the central column is because it was moving as the toy played the materialisation effect. There's something like 8-12 sound effects (I can't remember how many at the mo')

You can just make out the hammers hanging on the lower left-hand side of the console.
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